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  • 5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Tearing Apart Your Gut Lining and Making Your Chronic Health Conditions Worse:

    “When we go searching for ways to eliminate chronic stress and get more energy. We normally turn to things like coffee, energy drinks and carbohydrates”

    “When we go searching for ways to eliminate chronic stress and get more energy. We normally turn to things like coffee, energy drinks and carbohydrates”

    Whilst coffee tastes amazing. I admit it was a personal addiction of mine for many years. It has devastating effects on our gut, microbiome and digestive health.

    1. Higher stomach acidity

    2. Encourages acid reflux and stomach burn

    3. Aggravates IBS and other bowel disorders

    4. Raises the chance of food rotting in the gut

    5. Over stimulates intestinal wave action

    Regular coffee consumption has been shown to stimulate pro-inflammatory cytokines

    You see, coffee acts like wheat and grains in the gut. Anyone familiar with leaky gut syndrome will know grains attack the gut lining

    Inflammation is coffees middle name…

    So whenever you drink coffee, you end up with “inflammation causing cells” spreading throughout your body which can lead to chronic inflammation. Coffee also contains high levels of mould and reduces the absorption rate of important minerals needed to vital bodily functions such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron.

    Coffee also has wreaks havoc on your stress hormones.

    It causes cortisol levels (the body’s main stress hormone) to remain chronically elevated. The result of this is more health problems, more inflammation, faster aging and complete burnout.

    Ironically, you start consuming coffee for more energy. “Yet you fall back into this state where you have even less energy and more stress than ever before! And you need more and more coffee to keep fueling it.” It’s a negative feedback loop and becomes a never ending cycle.

    This is your body's preferred operating system

    Together with coffee and energy drinks, we also rely on carbohydrates for energy. Your body has two major energy sources. Glucose or ketone bodies (fat). The majority of people utilise glucose as their body’s major energy source because they are constantly supplying their body with sugars, carbohydrates and starches.

    When you fast or go on a lower carbohydrate, moderate protein and high fat diet, you switch your body’s energy source the ketogenic operating system.

    The three major forms of ketones produced in the body include Beta-HydroxyButyric acid, Acetoacetate and Acetone. These are released into the blood from the liver when insulin levels are low and hepatic liver metabolism is increased.

    “Ketones are the brain’s preferred energy source for the majority of people. When your body utilises ketones, your fasting glucose levels drop and you experience newfound energy and clear thinking”

    Studies have show Ketones help reduce blood sugar levels and triglyceride levels which are an important biomarker for diabetes type-2 and heart disease.

  • Ketone Energy PRO4 Science Backed Benefits and Experiences

    MCT’S cause increased feelings of fullness which leads to a reduced food intake and limits sugar cravings which in turn makes it easier to lose weight and stick to your diet [1]

    Lower your error and mistake rate so you can make better decisions consistently and experience even greater success in life [2]

    Mental endurance from Chaga so you can power through difficult tasks and projects with ease without all the procrastination, stressing or time wasting [3]

    Supports digestion and satiety. Feel fuller longer and reduce sugar cravings

    Chronic health conditions such as bloating, IBS, leaky gut, autoimmune issues, menopause and hormone imbalances cause stress, low energy and fatigue. PRO4 is formulated to help you overcome this so you can achieve your new positive quality of life [4]

    Studies have shown people who consume MCT’s and Cordyceps increase their body’s ability to withstand higher intensity exercise meaning you get more from every session to achieve your fitness goals much faster. This is like getting in 8 workouts in per week for the effort of 4! [5]

    MCT’s activate neurotrophic growth factors (BDNF) which work to repair, protect and enhance the effectiveness of your brain so you can think faster and give even more effective responses in everyday conversations [6]

    Scientific studies have shown that after just 3 weeks of MCT consumption in conjunction with exercise, participants had greatly reduced body weight, waist circumference, hip circumference, total body fat, total subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat (the deadly hidden fat below the surface that causes heart attacks and stroke) [7]

    Studies show those who consume Yerba Mate burn 24% more fat during exercise and recover at a rate 9% faster than those who don’t [8]

    MCT’s actively improve Women’s learning, memory and brain processing speed so you can retain more information and formulate responses to complicated questions much faster. This alone makes you perform at a higher cognitive level compared to a regular person [9]

    Balances hormones naturally so you have less elevated cortisol levels so you age at much slower rate when compared to the average person [10]

    Protect your body, organs and tissues from the damaging effects of chronic stress so you feel happy, calm, clear and less anxious [11]

    MCT’S are broken down by the body and utilised as energy quickly, making them less likely to be converted into and stored as fat with no horrible energy crashes unlike energy that comes from carbohydrate sources [12]

    The brain is not equipped for the modern age. Now you can shift from “prehistoric fight or flight mode” into a calm and clear state where you are better equipped to overcome fear, stress and the emotional ups and downs of this overstimulated digital age that can hold you back [13]

    And if that wasn’t enough…….

    Lions Mane and Chaga transform you into deeper thinker so you can automatically generate deeper insights, exciting new ideas and life breakthroughs helping you advance in life even faster [14]

    Experience consistent energy throughout the day with Yerba Mate with no energy crashes so you can spend more quality time with the family, complete those nagging unfinished tasks and get more done at work and around the house [15]

    Studies have also shown MCT’s actually reduce the conversion rate of excess carbohydrates to fats making it much easy to get a flat stomach and stop associated carb weight gain [16]

    Does it feel like you’re “crawling” through your days dragging your feet? Lion’s Mane will help quickly boost motivation levels so you feel inspired to conquer everything you need to get done [17]

    Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Cordyceps actively work together to boost REM sleep so you reach a deeper and more restful state of sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy [18]

    Blast through fatigue with MCT’s which deliver clean energy straight to the brain where it is utilised faster compared to the “foggy and inconsistent energy” created by the glucose operating system [19]

    Ketone Energy PRO4 has a gentle, calming and restorative effect on the gut and digestive tract as opposed to gut irritants like coffee, pre-workout, energy drinks and sugars [20]

    Reduce the chronic stress caused by a hectic work life balance so you operate in a calm and focused state during the day and get maximum work done in minimum time. This alone means you can leave the office earlier, spend more time with loved ones and answer those emails from people who irritate you in a calm yet strategic manner [21]

    Everyday life challenges and chronic inflammation can make us feel anxious, depressed and overwhelmed. You know that feeling where the smallest thing sets us off? Holy Basil and Astragalus work together to help us go back to your natural happy, calm and peaceful state without unnatural medications. In fact, when you combine PRO4 with daily meditation and journaling, the positive effects are transformational [22]

    Feeling like you won’t ever achieve your goals? We understand chronic health conditions can be stressful. The combination of the PRO4 anti-stress complex, energy complex and medicinal mushroom complex ramp you up into overdrive so you can start making much faster progress towards your goals with less effort [23]

    Boost your creative thinking with Lion’s Mane so you can regain that zest for life and finally start that exciting side project that’s been on your mind [24]

    It’s not uncommon for people who use Lion’s Mane on a continuous basis to become known as “superlearners” by their peers. Even if you find it impossible to focus, can’t concentrate or feel like you can’t function like normal people do [25]

    Ease stress induced anxiety attacks so you can prevent those emotional downward spirals and stay happy, logical and productive [26]

    Kills chronic fatigue so you can wake up with a clear sense of energy and no longer have to “crawl” through your day in slow motion [27]

    Start repairing your Myelin Sheath so you can increase the speed of impulses in neurons and literally increase your intelligence. Increased “white matter” in your brain is associated with a higher IQ, reading skills, working memory and musical proficiency [28]

    Make hard and repetitive work easy so you can plow through all those unfinished tasks and progress much faster and be FREE from the stress and anxiety of unfinished tasks [29]

    Many are now having the best sex of their lives. Cordyceps helps ignite your libido so you can have even better sex. Soon you will be experiencing a renewed sense of calm, clarity and a new “aura like” glow to your complexion [30]

  • Ketone Energy PRO4 is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways

    Prior to exercise for increased strength and performance

     Prior to study or exams

    Before starting hard tasks

    In the morning to help stay fuller for longer and stop sugar cravings

    First thing in the morning for an instant crash-free energy hit

    Before work or after your lunch break to complete tasks much faster

    To increase quality and deepness of REM sleep

    When you feel anxious or stressed

    After long-haul travel to crush fatigue and jet lag

    Before an important meeting to activate clear thinking and effective communication

    Before dealing with toxic or stressful people so you remain calm and at ease

    For the extra motivation needed to tackle interesting side projects

    Before those family events that stress you out

    For extra energy during for those kids birthday parties

    Before public speaking so you are more charismatic

  • Natural and Ethically Sourced Ingredients

    Ketone Energy PRO4™ is a new synergistic and scientifically formulated blend of MCT’s, adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms to help reduce stress, balance hormones, improve your cognition and empower you with natural energy.

    PRO4™ does this via 4 pillars of health. Firstly, it utilizes the Ketone Operating System to get your body running on ketones as opposed to glucose. It then implements Adaptogenic Stress Support and the Medical Mushroom Cognition System in an attempt to calm down your stress hormones and promote mental clarity and focus.

    Finally, PRO4™ utilizes natural energy sources from yerba mate to improve your short and long term energy levels in a sustainable way.

    PRO4 is people with chronic health issues, chronic stress, a hectic work/life/family balance and those who want effortless and more effective workouts. The PRO4 Energy System takes a quadruple approach to rapid energy production:

    1. Adaptogenic Stress Support (ASR)Firstly, PRO4 strengthens your body’s ability to withstand stress, anxiety, low confidence and low energy

    2. Medicinal Mushroom Cognition System (MMCS)Secondly, PRO4 takes your focus, clarity, learning abilities and decision making to an exciting new level

    3. Ketone Operating System (KOS)PRO4 switches your body’s energy needs from sugar to ketones giving you clean energy without crashes or sugar cravings

    4. Rapid Natural Energy System (RNEC)PRO4 then adds Yerba Mate and B12 to boost short and long-term energy levels without crashes, gut irritation or jitters.

    Ingredients: MCT Oil Powder, Natural Flavour, Astragalus Root Powder, Yerba Mate Powder, Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Extract 8:1, Organic Chaga Mushroom Extract 8:1, Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Extract 8:1, Organic Stevia Extract, Vitamin B12 (Methyl-cobalamin)

    Recommended Serving/Use: Add one scoop into 300 mls of water, coconut, almond or macadamia milk and adjust according to suit flavour preferences. Mix well with a shaker or blender. We recommend consuming PRO4 prior to 1pm. The powerful energetic and cognitive effects may affect sleep if taken after 1pm. Do not exceed more than 2 scoops per day.