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  • Did you know THIS happens to your brain and body when you can’t sleep throughout the night?

    Take a look at this image:

    On the right is the brain scan of a person who gets a perfect 7+ hour sleep. You can clearly see that the brain is fired up and functioning at full capacity. All parts of the brain are connected and responsive. Both the mind and body are ready for anything, even unexpected challenges that life throws their way…

    On the left is the brain of a woman who can’t sleep all the way through the night. Her brain is barely functioning, with critical connections completely cut off. That means that both her mind and her body are in “survival mode” and she needs to put in almost supernatural efforts just to make it through the day…

    Why Is This Brain Shrinkage Happening?

    Leading Neuroscientist, Matthew Walker, explains why this type of ‘shrinkage’ happens when we can’t sleep a solid 7+ hours at night.

    If you’ve recently got out of bed in the morning feeling exhausted and wondering how you’ll make it through another day…

    This will help you understand why you can’t pull yourself out of this state no matter how hard you try.

    You see…

    Sleep is the only way your brain can rid itself of the toxins it accumulates during the day, when it’s most active.

    Imagine your brain is like the house you live in.

    … Piles of unwashed dishes, two-finger layers of dust on your furniture, stacks of laundry everywhere, and garbage bags that keep piling up in your hallway.

    Just like your home, your brain also accumulates ‘dirt’ during active hours. A LOT of ‘dirt’.

    A study took 14 participants and made them sleep 6 hours or less per night for 1 week.

    What they discovered were approximately 650 gene cells were affected.

    Important genes that protect you from tumours, chronic inflammation and heart attacks were turned off.

    Suddenly, people became more susceptible to virus’s, the flu and infections…

    These discoveries were so worrying that they instantly made the news, in the hopes of warning people about the hidden dangers of poor sleep quality:

    When’s The Last Time Your Brain Did This?

    Here’s why sleeping a solid 7+ hours of uninterrupted sleep is critical for you.

    During deep sleep, your brain switches to self-clean mode → This is the ONLY way your brain can keep you functioning normally.

    When you have a healthy sleep cycle, your nervous system functions like a dishwasher, cleaning up waste proteins and toxins produced by your active brain cells during the day.


    Without enough sleep, your brain doesn’t have enough time to completely clean up the waste produced by your brain.

    That’s why the sleep-deprived brain on the left looks “clogged” compared to the rested one…

    It’s like a home that hasn’t been cleaned in months…

    Imagine having to move past piles of unwashed laundry, dirty dishes, and full garbage bags just to get to the front door.

    That’s exactly what your brain has to do after a night of poor sleep. It’s exhausting and frustrating…

    So the question for you is: When’s the last time your brain got its full ‘cleaning cycle?’

    If you can’t get regular deep sleep multiple nights in a row…

    You can’t get your brain to function normally, no matter how many cups of coffee you drink or how much you try to focus.

    It’s not your fault…

    It’s almost impossible to do anything—even the tiniest day-to-day chores—when your brain is overloaded with junk due to interrupted, poor sleep.

    The Journal of Sleep Medicine refers to this feeling as Social Jetlag.

    They discovered people who feel jetlagged were more likely to go to bed late, wake up tired, be late for work and go to work when sick.

    Sound familiar? Read on to see why you still can’t shake off the jet lag.

    The Incredible ‘A-ha’ Moment After Meticulously Going Through 13,267 Scientific Studies

    This combination of scientific research and our 628 strong focus group was combined with one unique advantage…

    Our years of experience with women’s gut, digestive and microbiome health enabled us to discover something mind blowing that others missed, overlooked or neglected entirely.

    We found not 1, not 2…

    But 7 interlinked factors during our research that trapped women like you into a ‘Vicious Circle of Poor Sleep’

    So not only are there multiple factors that are directly causing your constant sleep deprivation…

    But they actually form a vicious cycle of poor sleep, chronic pains, mood swings and irritability, weight loss and rapidly degrading health.

    The Mood-Sleep Connection

    Studies by The University of California revealed the intimate link between sleep deprivation and increased day-to-day anxiety, depression and irritability.

    The Gut-Sleep Connection

    Studies by The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine revealed women who were sleep deprived experienced worse bloating, gas, reflux, IBS, fatigue, anxiety and irritability.

    The Inflammation-Sleep Connection

    A study by Harvard Medical School & Ohio State University revealed sleep deprivation is shown to activate nf-kb, “the gateway to inflammation” in women by up to 50%.

    The Hormone-Sleep Connection

    Studies by Harvard Medical School revealed balanced Estrogen levels contribute to higher-quality sleep, with fewer awakenings through the night, and less time needed to fall asleep.

    The Weight Loss-Sleep Connection

    Studies by John Hopkins School of Medicine revealed excess body fat increases your chances of developing disruptive sleep problems whilst lowering sleep quality.

    The Anti Aging-Sleep Connection

    Studies by The University of California linked sleep deprivation with increased biological aging,” suggesting that insufficient sleep increases the risk of chronic disease.

    The nREM-Sleep Connection

    Activating your Deep Sleep Mode restores your body’s natural ability to sleep peacefully at night. Your body regains its ability to transition through all 4 stages of a perfect 7+ hour sleep.

    All These Factors Are Undeniably Linked Together And Are Constantly Making Both Days & Nights A Living Hell

    Here’s the GREAT news, though.

    Because they’re all linked together, we managed to create a formula that targets all these 7 interlinked factors at the same time.

    This way, you can successfully break the Poor Sleep Vicious Circle and quickly regain your energy, happiness and motivation to enter your new positive lease on life…

    Introducing Deep Sleep Mode™

    Restores the body’s natural ability to get 7+ hours of uninterrupted sleep and improves our health and energy on autopilot while we rest

    The ingredients work synergistically overnight — multiplying your energy, happiness and overall health so you can get the old ‘YOU’ back without even lifting a finger . . .

    Thanks to the unique natural ingredients that adapt to the body’s specific needs, it works perfectly for…

    ✅ Those who can’t sleep through the night and wake up feeling jet lagged

    ✅ Those who can’t get to sleep due to stress, anxiety or an overthinking mind

    ✅ Those with chronic health problems causing them to wake up during the night

    ✅ Those with hormonal imbalances keeping them awake at odd hours of the night

    ✅ Those who want more energy, confidence and greater success in their work lives

    ✅ Those who want to be more present and loving in their personal and social lives

    ✅ Those who want to keep their health from degenerating over the coming years

    ✅ Women who want to stop the rapid process of aging due to poor sleep patterns


  • Here’s How Deep Sleep Mode™ Targets The 7 Interlinked Sleep Factors At The Same Time

    The Mood-Sleep Connection:

    Deep Sleep Mode contains a deeply calming blend of clinically validated adaptogens and essential “healing” minerals that naturally induce total body relaxation—preparing the body so we glide into our perfect 7+ hour sleep up to 36% faster:

    Passionflower Extract melts away the stress, anxiety and churning thoughts that keeps us lying awake at night

    Eases reactivity and negativity when confronted with conflict to end the never ending ‘highly vigilant’ state.

    Zinc to increase feelings of calm, happiness, self-worth and confidence so we wake up feeling mentally clear with a newfound spring in our step

    Organic Reishi Extract eases tension triggered by stress caused by everyday events and unreasonable people

    Empowers us to finally jump off the hamster wheel of the stress leading to more stress

    The Gut-Sleep Connection:

    We discovered a specific Probiotic that expunges stress from the gut that makes us wake up during the night. This Probiotic is supported by two other natural ingredients that work overnight to repair the gut lining and give you an extra 7-8 hours of overnight healing:

    Rebalances the microbiome so we wake-up with a ‘non-bloated’ calm stomach each morning with Lactobacillus Casei

    Wake up each morning brimming with energy without the heavy, bogged down feeling

    Gently increases production of sleep influencing hormones

    Kakadu Plum has 100x the Vitamin C of Oranges to amplify Collagens absorption, turning on overnight digestive healing

    Avoid wakeups from digestive problems such as pain, gas, acid reflux and bloating

    The Weight-Sleep Connection:

    We discovered 3 unique natural ingredients that quietly ramp up metabolism and balance the hormones that may lead to weight gain overnight. Hunger cravings can then diminish making achieving a healthy weight easier:

    Deep Sleep Mode helps us wake up each morning brimming with energy without the heavy, bogged down or feeling like we're 9 months pregnant

    Deep Sleep Mode helps to reduce nighttime sugar cravings making maintaining a healthy weight easy

    Curcumoids balances the hormone — leptin — that can cause an unhealthy weight and also improves sleep quality

    The Hormone-Sleep Connection:

    We discovered a unique blend of tested ingredients that work to deliver overnight hormone balancing. These ingredients adapt the body’s unique needs to balance out key hormones that keep us from a deep sleep including Cortisol, Progesterone, Leptin and Estrogen:

    Deep Sleep Mode balances out Leptin for a newfound quality of sleep

    Balances Estrogen for activation of Melatonin so we fall asleep faster and sleep deeper through the night

    Natural, mild ingredients decreases Cortisol stress hormones caused by sleep deprivation up to 55%

    The unique blend in Deep Sleep Mode naturally raises Progesterone to ease restlessness for a perfect sleep

    This unique blend works to activate important sleep hormones and balances hormones for women going through Perimenopause and Menopause

    The Inflammation-Sleep Connection:

    We developed a potent natural anti-inflammatory blend that “turns on” overnight alkalisation of the entire body. This soothes the inflammation that lowers sleep quality and tackles body aches and pains causing us to wake up at strange times:

    Wake up with a clear mind, free from the body aches and pains that currently slow us down.

    Deep Sleep Mode reduces neck, back, leg and shoulder pain to stop sleep interruption.

    Shuts the door on activation of the gateway to inflammation, NF-KB caused by sleep deprivation

    Contains soothing black pepper proven to turbocharge bioavailability of Curcumenoids up to 2,000%

    Alkalises the inflammation that triggers poor sleep quality. This newfound reduction and control of inflammation means you will wake up with a clear head, motivation feeling subtle and free without body aches and pains.

    The Anti Aging-Sleep Connection:

    We developed a dual approach to “overnight rejuvenation” using scientifically proven ingredients. The anti-aging formula fires up the Fibroblasts which your skin’s Collagen factories make your skin appear years younger and it also works to prevent hair thinning:

    Kakadu Plum and Baobab to fire up the fibroblasts, the skin’s Collagen factories making our skin appear years younger

    Collagen Peptides can prevent hair thinning, delivers the amino acids essential for hair growth and prevents damage to hair follicles

    Kakadu Plum has 5.6x the antioxidants of Blueberries to hunt down dangerous free radicals that may cause premature skin aging

    Deep Sleep Mode contains bioactive Collagen to repair muscles and joints overnight so we wake up moving freely

    These 6 Interlinked Factors Work In Perfect Synergy to Activate The nREM-Sleep Connection aka Our Deep Sleep Mode ‘Switch’

    Discover The Most Stunning Transformation In Sleep Patterns

    Our Research & Development team discovered a specific formula of proven ‘non-habit forming’ ingredients that naturally work at all 4 stages of a perfect 7+ hour sleep—without sleeping pills, meditation apps or one-dimensional supplements.

    During our new sleep transition, the ingredients automatically activate the natural timed release of important sleep hormones; Melatonin, GABA and Serotonin for a happy, peaceful and profoundly rejuvenating sleep.

    As we can see, this entire formulation is 100% natural, soothing and grounding

    Activates our unique Deep Sleep Mode (even if our partner snores)

    Valerian Root Extract to help achieve deep sleep 36% faster

    Valerian Root is shown to trigger significant improvements in sleep quality after just 14 days

    Passion flower Extract to increase total sleep time and boost REM sleep quality

    Magnesium to increase sleep efficiency, sleep time and eliminate early morning wake-ups

    Curcumenoids to naturally activate Melatonin, GABA and Serotonin for a perfect transition though all 4 stages of Deep Sleep Mode

    L-Theanine to promote full body relaxation, melting away stress before sleep

    Collagen for its high Glycine content which calms the central nervous system

    Kakadu Plum to boost natural Vitamin C stores for a happy healthy sleep

    Zinc for the efficient regulation of a perfect 7+ hour sleep and memory formation

    Cinnamon is great for regulating blood sugar levels and sugar cravings overnight

    Himalayan Crystal Salts contain 87 essential minerals for a perfect 7+ hour sleep

  • How To Know If You're Trapped In A Cycle Of Poor Sleep...

    ❌ Our mood takes a big hit after we’ve had a rough night. Even worse, the irritability we pent up during the day keeps us awake the next night.

    ❌ We sometimes wake up in pain, especially in our joints and muscles. We feel like our body is betraying us and we can’t keep up with our daily chores.

    ❌ We are too exhausted to enjoy time spent with your loved ones, which adds more stress to our already anxious state of mind…

    ❌ We lack the patience and it makes us snap at our kids, which makes us think we aren't a good mother. This further can deepen self-esteem problems.

    ❌ We find it difficult to focus at work due to feeling jet lagged, so we worry we might get sanctioned or fired. This, in turn, drives our anxiety through the roof.

    ❌ We can barely focus on driving your kids home from school or practice, which makes us worry about causing an accident.

    ❌ We can’t commit to plans like going out with friends or on dinner dates, so we feel lonely and isolated from all the things we used to enjoy.

    ❌ We feel like we’ve aged 20 years since we’ve started having sleep issues… we can’t even look at myself in the mirror and want our old selves back.

  • Ingredients: Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides, Natural Flavour, Probiotic (Lactobacillus Casei), L-Theanine, Organic Baobab Powder, Magnesium Glycinate, Organic Mesquite Powder, Turmeric Extract (Standardised to 95% Curcuminoids), European Valerian Extract 4:1, Organic Red Reishi Mushroom Extract 8:1, Himalayan Crystal Salts, Natural Stevia-Leaf Extract, Passionflower Extract, Zinc Picolinate, Australian Kakadu Plum Powder, Cinnamon, Black Pepper Extract

    Flavour: Caramel Toffee

    One jar lasts for one month