Sleep Through the Entire Night and Wake Up
Brimming With Energy After 7+ Hours of Deep Sleep.

Every Night

This natural sleep regulating system activates your ‘Instant Deep Sleep Mode’, so you can glide right into full-night sleep 36% faster and wake up feeling fully rested and pumped with energy

The science-backed ingredients in Deep Sleep Mode work on autopilot while you sleep to reverse the worrying problems your sleep deprivation has triggered:

No more irritability and brain fog during the day → your loved ones will be over the moon!

No more piling up weight around the waist → scientifically-proven to be caused by poor sleep

No more  “Sorry, honey, I’m too tired” → you’ll be able to fully savor sex and intimacy again

100% natural, non-habit forming ingredients activate your Deep Sleep Mode

Full-body regulating system reverses issues caused by poor sleep

Backed by 23,981 studies & the HM Sleep Focus Group with 628 participants

Low stock due to short supply and restrictions… The exclusive VIP launch pricing is
strictly limited. Join 629 plus women
activating their Deep Sleep Modes to experience
7+ hours of complete sleep every night…

Deep Sleep Mode is
Perfect for You If…

You can’t sleep all the way through the night without interruptions

You can’t sleep all the way through the night without interruptions

You keep waking up every time you feel like you’re falling asleep

You wake up due hot flashes, urges to urinate, bloating or chronic pain

You get nightmares and night terrors that keep you awake till morning

Your sleep deprivation sucked the energy and personality out of you

Your work performance has severely taken a hit due to lack of focus

Your loved ones are directly affected by your chronic lack of sleep

Your work performance has severely taken a hit due to lack of focus

Your loved ones are directly affected by your chronic lack of sleep

You feel like you’re going to snap or break into tears at any given moment

You’re afraid of losing your partner because you’re too tired for intimacy

You’re cancelling plans or you avoid making any because you’re too tired

You feel like you age 5 years with every week of poor sleep—and that’s killing your health, your self-esteem, your joy of life…

If you’ve recognised yourself in 3+ of the criteria above, read below and discover…

The hidden effects of poor sleep on your brain and your body—finally, you’ll understand why you feel like a zombie and how NONE of it is your fault.

How to go from a sleep-deprived mess to the well-rested and in-control wife, mother and friend you used to be, in just 7 days or less.

Why deep, restful sleep makes you better at everything, thanks to 7 recently-discovered connections between your mind and body.

How 1 week of uninterrupted sleep can start reversing ALL the chronic issues that sleep deprivation has caused you over the years.

How 1 week of uninterrupted sleep can start reversing ALL the chronic issues that sleep deprivation has caused you over the years.

A common sleep mistake Doctors make that can trap you in a vicious cycle of poor sleep and poor health

And many more, coming right up on this page…

Bonus: You’ll love the satisfaction of finally throwing those addictive sleeping pills and supplements at the bottom of your nightstand drawer. Plus… you can forget about those “calming” meditations that you’re already sick of.

Did you know THIS happens to your brain and body when you can’t sleep throughout the night?

Take a look at this image:

On the right is the brain scan of a woman who gets a perfect 7+ hour sleep. You can clearly see that her brain is fired up and functioning at full capacity. All parts of the brain are connected and responsive. Both her mind and body are ready for anything, even unexpected challenges that life throws her way…

On the left is the brain of a woman who can’t sleep all the way through the night. Her brain is barely functioning, with critical connections completely cut off. That means that both her mind and her body are in “survival mode” and she needs to put in almost supernatural efforts just to make it through the day…

Why Is This Brain Shrinkage Happening… And Is It Happening To You, Too?

Leading Neuroscientist, Matthew Walker, explains why this type of ‘shrinkage’ happens when we can’t sleep a solid 7+ hours at night.

If you’ve recently got out of bed in the morning feeling exhausted and wondering how you’ll make it through another day…

This will help you understand why you can’t pull yourself out of this state no matter how hard you try.

You see…

Sleep is the only way your brain can rid itself of the toxins it accumulates during the day, when it’s most active.

Imagine your brain is like the house you live in. 

If you don’t clean your place regularly, you end up living in a pigsty.

… Piles of unwashed dishes, two-finger layers of dust on your furniture, stacks of laundry everywhere, and garbage bags that keep piling up in your hallway.

Just like your home, your brain also accumulates ‘dirt’ during active hours. A LOT of ‘dirt’.

A study took 14 participants and made them sleep 6 hours or less per night for 1 week.

What they discovered were approximately 650 gene cells were affected.

Important genes that protect you from tumors,
chronic inflammation and heart attacks were turned off.

Suddenly, people became more susceptible to virus’s, the flu and infections…

These discoveries were so worrying that they instantly made the news, in the hopes of warning people about the hidden dangers of poor sleep quality:

Low stock due to short supply and restrictions… The exclusive VIP launch pricing is
strictly limited. Join 629 plus women
activating their Deep Sleep Modes to experience
7+ hours of complete sleep every night…

When’s The Last Time
Your Brain Did This?

The Answer To This Question Is Key

Here’s why sleeping a solid 7+ hours of uninterrupted sleep is critical for you.

During deep sleep, your brain switches to self-clean mode → This is the ONLY way your brain can keep you functioning normally.

When you have a healthy sleep cycle, your nervous system functions like a dishwasher, cleaning up waste proteins and toxins produced by your active brain cells during the day.


Without enough sleep, your brain doesn’t have enough time to completely clean up the waste produced by your brain.

That’s why the sleep-deprived brain on the left looks “clogged” compared to the rested one…

It’s like a home that hasn’t been cleaned in months…

Imagine having to move past piles of unwashed laundry, dirty dishes, and full garbage bags just to get to the front door.

That’s exactly what your brain has to do after a night of poor sleep. It’s exhausting and frustrating…

So the question for you is:

When’s the last time your brain got its full ‘cleaning cycle?’

If you can’t get regular deep sleep multiple nights in a row…  

You can’t get your brain to function normally, no matter how many cups of coffee you drink or how much you try to focus.

It’s not your fault…

It’s almost impossible to do anything—even the tiniest day-to-day chores—when your brain is overloaded with junk due to interrupted, poor sleep.

The Journal of Sleep Medicine refers to this feeling as Social Jetlag.

They discovered people who feel jetlagged were more likely to go to bed late, wake up tired, be late for work and go to work when sick.

Sound familiar? Read on to see why you still can’t shake off the jet lag.

Low stock due to short supply and restrictions… The exclusive VIP launch pricing is
strictly limited. Join 629 plus women
activating their Deep Sleep Modes to experience
7+ hours of complete sleep every night…

Why Nothing Has Worked For You, No Matter What You’ve Tried To Get Better Sleep

If you’ve been dealing with this for a while now, you’ve probably already tried different solutions to help you sleep faster and more deeply.

And while some solutions are better than others… none of them can truly help you shake off that constant jet lag feeling and get your normal life back.

Here’s why:

Every sleeping ‘solution’ out there goes into 1 of 2 dangerous categories—neither of which is scientifically proven to help you get uninterrupted, deep sleep.

Dangerous Category 1:

Sleeping aids that knock you out faster

Valium, Diazepam, Lyrica, Ambien, Melatonin…

All of these, whether they’re prescription-only or OTC, have one single goal: To make you sleepy as fast as possible.

And sure, some of them knock you out FAST. For a short while, they may even keep you fast asleep for 8-9-10 hours.

However, these meds can easily deceive you into believing you’ve finally found something that can fix your sleep problems…

When, in fact, they can be highly toxic and damaging.

Here’s how…

Two studies by the Center for Preventive Medicine in the US show people who used sleeping pills were 34% more likely to suffer from a life threatening condition—compared to those who didn’t take sleeping pills.

But when you’re in a sleep-deprivation frenzy, all that matters is getting some sleep.

Only here’s what happens…

After a couple weeks, you realise it takes you longer to fall asleep. Sometimes, up to 2 hours. So you pop another pill, to make sure you don’t lose another minute of precious sleep.

And then, before you know it, you find yourself wide awake and staring at the ceiling at 2am. Again. Unable to fall back asleep. Again. Going throughout the day feeling jet lagged. Again.

So you up your dose. You mix and match. You even drink a glass of wine after dinner to ‘boost’ the effects.  

And yet, here you are, weeks or months later, despite all your best efforts…

Unable to sleep AND addicted to pills that have turned you into a full-time zombie.

Low stock due to short supply and restrictions… The exclusive VIP launch pricing is
strictly limited. Join 629 plus women
activating their Deep Sleep Modes to experience
7+ hours of complete sleep every night…

Dangerous Category 2:

Sleeping aids that target stress or anxiety.

Sleep meditations and meditation apps, soothing sounds, ASMR, sleep podcasts, white noise machines…

These solutions wrongfully target ONE thing: calming a churning mind.

And while they’re not addictive or harmful, they are quite dangerous to your overall health and wellbeing.

And you’ll see why in just a second.

By now you probably already know that while they may be able to help you relax before going to sleep, they still can’t keep you in Deep Sleep Mode for 7+ hours.

And that’s because stress and anxiety are not the only reasons why you can’t sleep throughout the night.

That’s the huge problem with these so-called

‘harmless’ sleeping solutions…

They make you believe “it’s all in your head”.

The reason why you can’t sleep is your own churning mind. Your worst enemy, right?

Turns out, it’s not only wrong…

It’s also highly dangerous for you, because…

There are several hidden reasons why you can’t get a good night’s sleep, some of which you had no clue about.

But you’re about to see them listed on this page, backed by scientific proof.

So the idea that unnecessary stress is the only cause of poor sleep makes you ignore all the other hidden reasons why you can’t sleep through the night.

These underlying causes have been ignored for decades by both medical professionals and wellbeing coaches alike.

And all this time they’ve continued to mess up your sleep cycle…

… sabotaging your efforts, draining your energy and slowly changing you into a person you barely recognise.

Low stock due to short supply and restrictions… The exclusive VIP launch pricing is
strictly limited. Join 629 plus women
activating their Deep Sleep Modes to experience
7+ hours of complete sleep every night…

The Uncomfortable Truth About Sleep No One Talks About

All of these so-called solutions you may have tried before have one major flaw in common.

Unfortunately, that’s actually the KEY to getting a perfect 7+ hour sleep to regain the energy, happiness and confidence you used to have:

None of them ‘switch on’ your body’s unique Deep Sleep Mode…

You see, getting perfect, uninterrupted sleep is complicated.

There are hundreds of different moving parts that are all different and FEEL different for each and every woman.

In fact, a scientific study by The University of Warwick of England discovered that lack of sleep could be more dangerous for women than men.

For a lot of people, the root of poor sleep could simply be stressful work and family life.

Yet for most women, it’s a combination of factors such as:

Stressful work and family life

Unbalanced hormones

Menopause and perimenopause

A damaged and unbalanced gut

Chronic inflammation and pain

Crumbling mental health due to overwhelming responsibilities

Then you need to consider your age, life circumstances, financial struggles, relationship problems, difficult situations with friends and family members, environmental factors and general health biomarkers.

So you can’t go jamming a square peg into a round hole like most treatments, diets, meditation apps and alternative solutions out there.

^ This is why many of the options you try simply do not work for YOU…

Yet there had to be a real solution to this complex issue that burdens over 69% of Australian women of all ages…

And what better way to search for an answer than to do the exact opposite of what everyone else had done for decades?

Instead of trying to pinpoint ONE root cause for your sleeping problems, which would’ve been just as useful as searching for the Holy Grail, we took matters into our own hands.

Happy Mammoth has years of experience with ‘unsolvable’ complex chronic health issues that we’ve successfully solved for our customers.

So we put all this experience to good use once again.

Our Scientific Research and Development team spent over a year going through tens of thousands of clinical studies to find a solution to the impossible sleep deprivation burden.

Then, we took things one step further…

We assembled a focus group of 628 women of all different ages.  

As expected, each member of the focus group was dealing with their own unique set of sleep related health challenges.

It took us 12+ months of research, but finally the answer to this difficult issue came to light.

Low stock due to short supply and restrictions… The exclusive VIP launch pricing is
strictly limited. Join 629 plus women
activating their Deep Sleep Modes to experience
7+ hours of complete sleep every night…

The Incredible ‘A-ha’ Moment After Going Through 13,267 Scientific Studies

This combination of scientific research and our 628 strong focus group was combined with one unique advantage…

Our years of experience with women’s gut, digestive and microbiome health enabled us to discover something mind blowing that others missed, overlooked or neglected entirely.

We found not 1, not 2…

But 7 interlinked factors during our research that trapped women like you into a ‘Poor Sleep Vicious Circle.’

So not only are there multiple factors that are directly causing your constant sleep deprivation…

But they actually form a vicious cycle of poor sleep, chronic pains, mood swings and irritability, weight loss and rapidly degrading health.

The Mood-Sleep Connection

Studies by The University of California revealed the intimate link between sleep deprivation and increased day-to-day anxiety, depression and irritability. Click below for extended mood-sleep scientific research findings:

The Mood-Sleep Connection

Studies by The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine revealed women who were sleep deprived experienced worse bloating, gas, reflux, IBS, fatigue, anxiety and irritability. Click below for extended gut-sleep scientific research findings:

The Inflammation-Sleep Connection

A study by Harvard Medical School & Ohio State University revealed sleep deprivation is shown to activate nf-kb, “the gateway to inflammation” in women by up to 50%. Click below for extended inflammation-sleep scientific research findings:

The Hormone-Sleep Connection

Studies by Harvard Medical School revealed balanced Estrogen levels contribute to higher-quality sleep, with fewer awakenings through the night, and less time needed to fall asleep. Click below for extended hormone-sleep scientific research findings:

The Weight Loss-Sleep Connection

Studies by John Hopkins School of Medicine revealed excess body fat increases your chances of developing disruptive sleep problems whilst lowering sleep quality. Click below for extended weight loss-sleep scientific research findings:

The Anti Aging-Sleep Connection

Studies by The University of California linked sleep deprivation with increased biological aging,” suggesting that insufficient sleep increases the risk of chronic disease. Click below for extended anti-aging-sleep scientific research findings:

The nREM-Sleep Connection

Activating your Deep Sleep Mode restores your body’s natural ability to sleep peacefully at night. Your body regains its ability to transition through all 4 stages of a perfect 7+ hour sleep. Click below for extended nREM-sleep scientific research findings:

Your Deep Sleep Mode Is Now Activated

Low stock due to short supply and restrictions… Join 629 plus women activating their Deep Sleep Modes now…

If you can relate to ANY of the following…
You’ve been trapped in the Vicious Circle
of Poor Sleep, too

You’ve noticed your mood takes a big hit after you’ve had a rough night. Even worse, the irritability you pent up during the day keeps you awake the next night.

You can’t lose that stubborn weight anymore, ever since you’ve started having trouble sleeping. Even worse, your sugar cravings have gone up—especially at night.

You sometimes wake up in pain, especially in your joints and muscles. You feel like your body is betraying you and can’t keep up with your daily chores.

You feel too exhausted to enjoy time spent with your loved ones, which adds more stress to your already anxious state of mind…

Your lack of patience makes you snap at your kids, which makes you think you’re not a good mother. This further deepens your self-esteem problems.

You’re too tired and bloated to give your husband the affection he needs. You constantly worry about your relationship, which worsens your stress and your gut health.

You find it difficult to focus at work due to feeling jet lagged, so you worry you might get sanctioned or fired. This, in turn, drives your anxiety through the roof.

You can barely focus on driving your kids home from school or practice, which makes you worry about causing an accident and harming them.

You can’t commit to plans like going out with friends or on dinner dates, so you feel lonely and isolated from all the things you used to enjoy.

You feel like you’ve aged 20 years since you’ve started having sleep issues… you can’t even look at myself in the mirror and want the old you back.

Low stock due to short supply and restrictions… The exclusive VIP launch pricing is
strictly limited. Join 629 plus women
activating their Deep Sleep Modes to experience
7+ hours of complete sleep every night…

All These Factors Are Undeniably Linked Together And Are Constantly Making Your Days & Nights A Living Hell

Here’s the GREAT news, though.

Because they’re all linked together, we managed to create a formula that targets all these 7 interlinked factors at the same time.

This way, you can successfully break the Poor Sleep Vicious Circle and quickly regain your energy, happiness and motivation to enter your new positive lease on life…

Deep Sleep Mode™

Restores your body’s natural ability to get 7+ hours of uninterrupted sleep and improves your health and energy on autopilot while you rest

The ingredients work synergistically overnight — multiplying your energy, happiness and overall health so you can get your old ‘YOU’ back without even lifting a finger.

Low stock due to short supply and restrictions… The exclusive VIP launch pricing is
strictly limited. Join 629 plus women
activating their Deep Sleep Modes to experience
7+ hours of complete sleep every night…

Thanks to the unique natural ingredients that adapt to your body’s specific needs, it works perfectly for…

Thanks to the unique natural ingredients that adapt to your body’s specific needs, it works perfectly for…

Women who can’t get to sleep due to stress, anxiety or an overthinking mind

Women with chronic health problems that cause them to wake up during the night

Women with hormonal imbalances that keep them awake at odd hours of the night

Women who want more energy, confidence and greater success in their work lives

Women who want to be more present and loving in their personal and social lives

Women who want to keep their health from degenerating over the coming years

Women who want to stop the rapid process of aging due to poor sleep patterns

Here’s How Deep Sleep Mode™ Targets The
7 Interlinked Sleep Factors At The Same Time

The Mood-Sleep Connection:

Deep Sleep Mode contains a deeply calming blend of clinically validated adaptogens and essential “healing” minerals that naturally induce total body relaxation—preparing the body so you glide into your perfect 7+ hour sleep up to 36% faster:

Passionflower Extract melts away the stress, anxiety and churning thoughts that keeps you lying awake at night

Eases reactivity and negativity when confronted with conflict to end the never ending ‘highly vigilant’ state.

Organic Reishi Extract eases tension triggered by stress caused by everyday events and unreasonable people.

Empowers you to finally jump off the hamster wheel of the stress leading to more stress

Zinc to increase feelings of calm, happiness, self-worth and confidence so you wake up feeling mentally clear with a newfound spring in your step

The Gut-Sleep Connection:

We discovered a specific Probiotic that expunges stress from the gut that makes us wake up during the night. This Probiotic is supported by two other natural ingredients that work overnight to repair the gut lining and give you an extra 7-8 hours of overnight healing:

Rebalances the microbiome so we wake-up with a flat ‘non-bloated’ stomach each morning with Lactobacillus Casei

Wake up each morning brimming with energy without the heavy, bogged down feeling in your gut

Gently increases production of sleep influencing hormones dopamine, serotonin and GABA in the microbiome

Kakadu Plum has 100x the Vitamin C of Oranges to amplify Collagens absorption, turning on overnight gut healing

Avoid wakeups from digestive problems such as stomach pain, gas, acid reflux and bloating

The Weight-Sleep Connection:

We discovered 3 unique natural ingredients that “turn on” overnight fat burning. They then quietly ramp up your metabolism and balance your fat storage hormones overnight. Hunger cravings then diminish making achieving a healthy weight easy:

Deep Sleep Mode quietly ramps up your metabolism whilst you’re sleeping to turn on overnight fat burning

Curcumenmoids found in Deep Sleep Mode are shown to activate a ‘metabolic loophole’ to significantly reduce body fat

Curcumoids balances the ‘fat storage’ hormone — leptin — improve sleep quality and incinerate body fat

Deep Sleep Mode eliminates nighttime sugar cravings making maintaining a healthy weight easy

Deep Sleep Mode helps you wake up each morning brimming with energy without the heavy, bogged down or like you’re 9 months pregnant

The Hormone-Sleep Connection:

We discovered a unique blend of tested ingredients that work to give you overnight hormone balancing. These ingredients adapt your body’s unique needs to balance out key hormones that keep you from a deep sleep including Cortisol, Progesterone, Leptin and Estrogen:

Deep Sleep Mode balances out your ‘fat storage hormone’ Leptin for a newfound quality of sleep

Balances Estrogen for activation of Melatonin so you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper through the night

Natural, mild ingredients decreases Cortisol stress hormones caused by sleep deprivation up to 55%

The unique blend in Deep Sleep Mode naturally raises Progesterone to ease restlessness for a perfect sleep

This unique blend works to activate important sleep hormones and balances hormones for women going through perimenopause and menopause

The Inflammation-Sleep Connection:

We discovered a potent natural anti-inflammatory blend that “turns on” overnight alkalisation of the entire body. This soothes the inflammation that lowers sleep quality and tackles body aches and pains causing you to wake up at strange times:

Wake up with a clear mind, free from the body aches and pains that currently slow you down.

Deep Sleep Mode reduces neck, back, leg and shoulder pain to stop sleep interruption.

Shuts the door on activation of the gateway to inflammation, NF-KB caused by sleep deprivation

Contains soothing black pepper proven to turbocharge bioavailability of Curcumenoids up to 2,000%

Alkalises the inflammation that triggers poor sleep quality. This newfound reduction and control of inflammation means you will wake up with a clear head, motivation feeling subtle and free without body aches and pains.

The Weight-Sleep Connection:

We discovered 3 unique natural ingredients that “turn on” overnight fat burning. They then quietly ramp up your metabolism and balance your fat storage hormones overnight. Hunger cravings then diminish making achieving a healthy weight easy:

Deep Sleep Mode quietly ramps up your metabolism whilst you’re sleeping to turn on overnight fat burning

Curcumenmoids found in Deep Sleep Mode are shown to activate a ‘metabolic loophole’ to significantly reduce body fat

Curcumoids balances the ‘fat storage’ hormone — leptin — improve sleep quality and incinerate body fat

Deep Sleep Mode eliminates nighttime sugar cravings making maintaining a healthy weight easy

Deep Sleep Mode helps you wake up each morning brimming with energy without the heavy, bogged down or like you’re 9 months pregnant

Your Timeline:

Your estimated benefits based on thousands of scientific studies

Week #1:

Feel your stress, anxiety and churning thoughts begin to melt away… Begin falling asleep up to 36% faster. If you’re already sleep deprived, the Curcuminoids will kick-in to protect the mind from the effects of oxidative damage and stress.

Week #2:

Feel your unique Deep Sleep Mode being consistently activated. Begin transitioning naturally through all 4 stages for a peaceful and perfect 7+ hour sleep. Scientific studies show Valerian Root will begin working at day 14 to trigger your deep sleep spindles.

Week #3:

Begin seeing the positive effects of a consistent perfect 7+ hour sleep. You’ll have much more energy for life, feel happier, in control and will take challenging life events all in your stride

Week #4:

After 4 weeks, the Curcumenoids, Collagen Peptides and Kakadu Plum have had time to build up in your system. You should be experiencing less wakeups during the night due to pain, urges to urinate and night sweats

Week #5:

Your brain will now become more connected and free from the toxins caused by sleep deprivation… This is where you’ll start noticing yourself thinking of new insights into problems and people that have stumped you for weeks, months or years...

Week #6:

Your hormones start rebalancing overnight with consistent activation of important sleep hormones; Melatonin, GABA and Serotonin. This is where you’re going to start consistently waking up... Brimming with the energy you had 10 to 15 years ago.

Deep Sleep Mode™ Compared To
Mass Market, One-Dimensional Sleep Products

Outdated Mass Market Products

Not a synergistic system – different products cannibalise each other or trigger side-effects

DOES NOT adapt to the unique needs of your body

Habit forming with potential for addiction and abuse

Does not activate the 7 interlinked factors of a ‘perfect 7+ hour sleep

Ingredients are likely underdosed and not backed by science

Treats 1 or 2 symptoms. Doesn’t get to the root cause

May trigger night terrors or bad dreams about people you know

Slapped together to make a quick dollar

Not plant-based

May contain GMO’s, soy, corn, dairy or gluten

May contain dangerous artificial sweeteners

Does not clear up past years of craziness

New Synergistic Deep Sleep Mode™

The only synergistic system that naturally activate your body’s unique Deep Sleep Mode for a perfect 7+ hour sleep

Adapts to the unique needs of your body

Naturally transitions your body through all 4 stages of a deep sleep

Activates the 7 interlinked factors of a perfect 7+ hour sleep

Ingredients backed by 23,628 scientific studies in results based doses

Does not contain fillers or unnatural ingredients

Gets to the root cause of sleep deprivation and the triggers causing it

Over one year of development with ultra premium ingredients

100% natural and plant-based

Free from GMO’s, soy, corn, dairy or gluten

Does not contain artificial sweeteners

Clears up those past years of craziness

So What Will You Choose To Do TODAY?

There’s no doubt about it—

This constant suffering needs to stop before it gets even worse....

Every second you delay solving your sleep deprivation, you’re re-traumatising your body, mind and well-being all over again — day in and day out.

It’s difficult to imagine it getting any worse...

But sleep deprivation does worsen with time, health complications become unbearable, and your loved ones can only take so much.

When sleep deprivation is allowed to continue for an extended period of time in your body, you’re going to risk:

Not getting everything you want out of life...

Watching your health deteriorate into a serious chronic condition that requires surgery, lifelong medication or admission to a nursing home...

Fighting with the demons or fatigue and irritability...

Being stuck on dangerous and addictive sleeping or pain pills forever...

Having a car accident or making a significant, irreversible error on the job...

Living your life stuck in a nightmare running on repeat...

Being dependent on the medical system in middle age...

Uncontrollable and maintained weight gain no matter what you try...

Seeing yourself aging faster and barely recognising the face in the mirror…

Accumulating sleep deficiency and going around in circles with no end in sight...

No quality of life for yourself or your family who are worried about you…

Destroying your relationships with your partner, children, friends and colleagues…

Feeling like an exhausted animal being hunted all day and night…

If you can don’t want to risk these worrying consequences,
Deep Sleep Mode™ could be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for...

That’s exactly why we’ve spent the past YEAR going through tens of thousands of scientific studies and creating Deep Sleep Mode™.

So now you can finally have a scientifically-proven solution that instantly turns on your natural deep sleep ‘switch’ for a perfect 7+ hour sleep. Which means that while you sleep, the unique blend of natural ingredients works on autopilot to bring back your health, your youth, and your energy.

It was developed using a focus group of 628 sleep deprived women with ingredients backed by clinical studies that explain what makes it work so efficiently, with no side effects.

The world’s first complete system targeting the newly discovered 7 proven interlinked factors of deep, uninterrupted sleep and great health—all with non-habit forming, 100% natural ingredients.

It continuously multiplies your energy, happiness and confidence for a positive new lease on life.

And here’s what it can do for you starting this week:

Calms your mind, body and soul making falling asleep within minutes easy

Activates your Deep Sleep Mode for a perfect 7+ hour sleep (even if your partner snores)

Naturally transitions you peacefully through all 4 stages of a deep sleep without interruption

Turns on overnight gut healing — wake up with a flat non-bloated stomach every morning

Soothes chronic inflammation causing aches and pains that interrupt sleep

Targets the bad bacteria in the gut responsible for irritability and stress

Targets and corrects hormone imbalances caused by Perimenopause and Menopause

Gets to the root cause of night sweats, frequent urination and chronic pain

Turns on 8 to 9 hours of overnight fat burning using a metabolic loophole

Rejuvenates your skin and appearance overnight making you appear years younger

Delivers the building blocks to reverse hair thinning and grow new hair

Wake up feeling happy, motivated and in control with the energy from 10-15 years ago

There’s only one question left:
How important is it for you to get your life back on track?

Now it goes without saying that many of the ultra premium natural ingredients in Deep Sleep Mode are rare...

The Kakadu Plum has 100x the vitamin C of organics and 5.6x the antioxidants. The ingredient is so powerful, the Australian Government commissioned a million dollar research study on this breakthrough “fountain of youth” fruit…

However, it costs more than $500.00 per kilo…

And it only grows in specific remote parts of Australia where soil nutrient content is high...

So for these two reasons — due to the recent surge in popularity — supplies of this incredible ingredient are naturally limited...

It’s likely to delay future production runs of Deep Sleep Mode...

Plus, we need to produce Deep Sleep Mode in small quantities to guarantee ultra high quality from batch to batch…

And then we need to do one critical thing other companies ‘cheap out’ on… To maintain gluten and dairy friendly product status, we need to wash-down all manufacturing equipment before putting Deep Sleep Mode into production…

This often causes problems for our manufacturers schedule which causes us production delays...

So frequent out of stocks are to be expected with Deep Sleep Mode.

And if you’re already a VIP client, you know this has been the case in the past with Hormone Harmony and Prebiotic Collagen...

See Margeret B’s review below… Many other clients are stocking piling products due to stock shortages...

So we recommend stocking up using the limited VIP launch pricing and secure your supply of 6x Deep Sleep Mode today whilst stocks last…

Smart people will buy more to protect themselves from future out of stock situations...

Hit the “Sleep Switch” starting this week and set aside your problems and worries… Let us take the tremendous sleep burden off your plate... We’ll do all the hard work for you…

That means that within just 2-4 days, you’ll be getting your complete 7+ hour sleep without risking feeling rundown, mentally slow and being unmotivated during the day.

So invest today to secure your 6 month supply… or whatever amount is right for you...

Invest In Deep Sleep Mode and Secure Your
6x Supply At Limited VIP Launch Pricing

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ALL The Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Deep Sleep Mode™

Can’t sleep all the way through the night? The synergistic ingredients naturally release Melatonin, GABA and Serotonin at precision timed intervals. This results in a happy, peaceful and profoundly rejuvenating sleep—even if your partner snores or you’re a light sleeper. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Can’t get to sleep due to stress, anxiety or an overthinking mind? Deep Sleep Mode naturally commands the body to sleep 36% faster, calming even the busiest mind and the most restless body without sleeping pills, pain pills or alcohol.[6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Feeling rundown, mentally slow and unmotivated during the day? Deep Sleep Mode transforms your body into an overnight restorative powerhouse… You can now start each day brimming with energy—without feeling foggy, heavy or lethargic.[11] [12] [13] [14]

Is a chronic health condition causing you to wake up at night? Deep Sleep Mode adapts to your body’s unique needs overnight. The ingredients work to heal the chronic inflammation, gut problems and unbalanced hormones causing night sweats, urges to urinate, aches and pains and many more... [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25]

Deep Sleep Mode rebalances your “fat storage hormone,” Leptin to quietly ramp up your metabolism whilst you’re sleeping to turn on “overnight fat burning.” The University of Chicago established sleep deprivation triggers 55% greater fat storage the following day… This causes weight gain you cannot control… Even when you exercise 5 times a week and follow a healthy diet. [39] [40] [41] [42] [43] [44]

Find yourself frequently craving the sweet stuff? Sugar cravings hijack your body's ability to get a perfect 7+ hour sleep... Deep Sleep Mode activates a little-known “metabolic loophole” to turn-off sugar and hunger cravings during the day and before bed. This makes it easy for you to stick to a diet and maintain a healthy weight. [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] [50] [51]

Deep Sleep Mode contains 100x the Vitamin C of Oranges and 5.6x the Antioxidants of Blueberries to combat the signs of aging… The ingredients work overnight to “fire up” your body’s your skin's Collagen Factories (known as Fibroblasts) to smooth wrinkles and restore skin moisture… making your skin appear years younger.[52] [53] [54]

Kakadu Plum amplifies Collagen Peptides to their full potential to flood your body with Proline… the main component of Keratin. This provides your body with building blocks it needs to reverse hair thinning, protect the hair follicles from damage and grow new hair. [55] [56] [57] [58] [59] [60]

Deep Sleep Mode contains a results based potent dose of Curcumenoids paired with calming Bioperine to increase absorption up to 2,000%... Sleep Deprivation triggers continuous release of the deadly NF-KB which opens the gateway to inflammation in the body. Not only does this fast track chronic disease, it lowers sleep quality… The ingredients work overnight to alkalize and soothe the entire body — so you wake up with a clear mind free from the body aches and pains that slow you down. [69] [70] [71] [72]

Bloating, gas, abdominal pain and acid reflux often becomes worse at night causing you to wake up at strange times such as 3am, 3:30am or 4am… On the flip side, Harvard Medical School discovered sleep deprivation makes your gut problems worse during the day… Deep Sleep Mode works to alkalise inflammation in the gut and rebalance the microbiome overnight so prevent random mid-night wake ups… Your newfound “overnight gut healing'' means you will wake up with a flat ‘non-bloated’ stomach each morning. [15] [16] [17] [18]

Perimenopause, Menopause and other hormone imbalances not only disturb your natural sleeping cycle… They also cause you to wake up during the night from “heat waves'' and night sweats. Deep Sleep Mode adapts to your body’s unique needs… It works to rebalance Estrogen, Cortisol and Progesterone restore your body’s natural sleep cycle. The formula also naturally activates important sleep hormones, Melatonin, GABA and Serotonin so you transition gracefully through all 4 stages of sleep. [17] [18]

Research reveals sleep deprivation makes you more reactive to everyday events. You’re soooo tired almost everything easily gets on top of you… Your reaction to stress accelerates… All it takes is one difficult person to lose your edge and spiral in anxiety and negativity. Deep Sleep Mode ends this vicious cycle of stress leading to more stress. Once you activate your perfect 7+ hour sleep, you’ll enter each day with a clear, calm and unshakeable mind… You’ll even develop new ways for swiftly dealing with conflict in a way that works for you. [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38]

Feel safer every day… Chronic sleep deprivation puts you at an immediately higher risk of car crashes, significant errors in the workplace, financial ruin, job losses, relationship breakdowns, heart attacks, strokes and uncontrollable weight gain. PLUS, sleep deprivation increases a teenagers chances of engaging in risky behaviour like drug use… Deep Sleep Mode creates a safer, happier and more successful life with a less chance of destructive events across your life. [61] [62] [63] [64]

Throw yourself back into the life of your dreams, of which you’ll now be having as many as your transition gracefully each night through all 4 stages of a perfect 7+ hour sleep… Go back to being the wonder Mummy, Partner and Friend you used to be with the energy from 10 to 15 years ago. Positive new lease on life here we come!

Flood your body with 84 soothing essential minerals with Himalayan Crystals… This unique salt has almost unlimited uses… It soothes pains and calms turbulent digestion enables your body to drift effortlessly into a perfect 7+ hour sleep. [76] [77]

 Are you feeling stuck in a certain part of your life? A sleep-deprived, tired-looking face, with dark circles under the eyes and swollen eyelids is perceived as less attractive and less healthy… Getting a perfect 7+ hour sleep is not only shown to make you more likeable in social situations… It also makes it easier to win people over to your way of thinking.

Deep Sleep Mode helps you reactivates parts of your brain that have been dulled by poor quality sleep… Soon you’ll start making new connections… Transforming yourself into what will become known as a ‘superlearner’ by your friendship group… You may then start seeing things others don’t empower you to advance much faster than regular people...

And Ultimately, getting consistent 7+ hour sleep is going to make you a more successful person across all parts of your life… You may just find yourself giving off this new magnetic positive energy where people are drawn to you and your way of thinking.

You will have a new fearless vibe that quietens a room when you walk in. People can “smell” this type of confidence in you. Leading to instant respect everywhere you go…

Deep Sleep Mode FREES YOU from the worries of your health going downhill, being depending on the medical system in old age, or that life will pass you by without you getting what you want from it.

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