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  • Leaky Gut Syndrome: Cracks, Fissures and Holes in The Inner Gut Lining Cause Undigested Food Matter To Enter The Bloodstream, Leading To ‘System Wide’ Inflammation

    Leaky Gut Syndrome (also known as intestinal permeability) is a new and heavily researched medical condition where undigested food matter such as proteins, bacteria and toxins pass through the intestinal wall and enter your bloodstream.

    In fact, this has now been backed by approximately 14,417 scientific studies on PUBMED.

    Your stomach and intestines have a durable inner lining that has a thick layer of mucus to protect it from the acid in your stomach and the bacteria in your body. In a healthy GI tract, this internal lining is a tight layer of cells and tissue with no obvious cracks of fissures.


    Gluten (found in breads, cakes, pastries and many packaged supermarket products) causes your gut cells to release a dangerous molecule called Zonulin. This protein breaks apart tight junctions in your intestinal lining—opening the doorway to Leaky Gut.

    Other factors like excess sugar, dairy, stress, toxins, infections, chronic inflammation, age and alcohol contribute to these intestinal breakages, making them worse.

    “When you have leaky gut syndrome, you develop cracks, canyons, holes, gaps, tears and fissures in your inner gut lining. These new gaps allow foreign particles to slip through into your body.”

    Your body “marks” these foreign invaders as pathogens and activates the immune system to start attacking them. Once this begins, you begin experiencing chronic ‘system-wide’ inflammation…

    Leaky Gut keeps your immune system in an overactive and vigilant state. Never at ease or in balance.

    In addition to this inflammation, you may also experience abdominal pain, loss of appetite, fatigue, fever, and abdominal cramping.

    Inflammation is your body’s way of protecting you against harmful bacteria, microbes, toxins and things that aren’t supposed to be in your system. This inflammation will continue as long as the food matter and gunk pass through your intestinal wall and into your bloodstream.

    Over time, complications can start showing up.

    You may start to notice that you develop more food sensitivities, inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), arthritis, hypothyroidism, skin problems like eczema, depression, ADHD, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune diseases and malabsorption.

    In fact, leaky gut syndrome has be coined by many health professionals as the single greatest cause of autoimmunity. Not only does Leaky Gut cause a progressive overload of debilitating physical symptoms, it also triggers many mental and mood issues that rob us of our zest for life…


    “Leaky Gut Syndrome Is Often Difficult to Detect Because The Syndrome Affects Everyone Differently and Can Manifest As Many Different Health Problems”

    Wrinkling and sagging skin

    A bloated belly

    Diarrhoea and loose stools (unpleasant bathroom visits)

    Food intolerances, allergies or acid reflux

    Frequent gas, wind or foul smelling stools

    Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

    Irritability and unexplained mood swings

    Depression, anxiety and lack of clear thinking (brain fog)


  • The science-backed benefits of Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine

    Alkalises an angry and inflamed gut and digestive tract

    System wide inflammation and cellular damage are the hallmark consequences of a leaky gut. Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine takes a dual action approach to Leaky Gut repair, alkalising an inflamed and angry gut whilst working to “heal and seal” the cracks, fissures and holes in the gut lining that causes foreign food substances to leak out into the bloodstream. [1]

    Gets to the root cause of crippling chronic digestive problems

    IN ADDITION: Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine gets to the root cause and normalises the chronic digestive problems that lower our quality of life such as bloating, gut pain, discomfort, gas, wind, belching, acid reflux, constipation, loose stools and ulcerative colitis. This helps remove the pain and worry of second guessing yourself every day whether you will fit into your favourite pair of jeans. [2]

    Enjoy all of your favourite foods with confidence

    PLUS: Now you can enjoy your favourite foods with confidence, knowing you are finally free from those bad reactions and intolerances that cause foul smelly wind, gut discomfort and frantic searches for the nearest bathroom every time you eat. [3]

    Stops hair shedding, thinning and molting

    Many people suffering from Leaky Gut are experiencing hair shedding, thinning and molting which zaps confidence levels and makes us feel ultimately unloveable… Leaky Gut interferes with the guts microvilli which in turn causes nutrient deficiency and malabsorption. This means your body stops getting all the important head hair growth minerals from your food. L-Glutamine reverse this issue fast so your hair returns to its natural thick and full state within 30-60 days. [4]

    Strengthens and readjusts the immune system

    Food intolerances stop many of us from being able to enjoy our favourite foods without bloating, gas, loose stools, gut pain and reflux—leaving us feeling guilty, moody and depressed. Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine strengthens and readjusts the immune system, increases our resilience against food sensitivities. Soon you will be experiencing the joy we used to feel when indulging in our favourite foods. [5]

    Finally! A New, Pure and Plant-Based L-Glutamine Specifically Formulated for Women With Gut Problems

    Finally! A pure, clean and plant based L-Glutamine from NON-GMO sources formulated specifically for women (not bodybuilders or athletes) with leaky gut, chronic digestive problems, uncontrollable sugar cravings and difficulty losing weight. [6]

    Repair damage to your gut lining and shield against further damage

    Struggling with IBS and diarrhoea? Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine has been shown to protect and shield your gut lining from further damage and balances out mucosal production in the gut. Now you go out for dinners with friends and family and enjoy their company with a glass of wine, stress free without having to know where the bathroom is all the time. You will develop your normal cycle within just a couple of weeks [7]

    Recent studies show...

    Recent scientific evidence shows system wide inflammation levels significantly in L-Glutamine Levels was significantly lower than those who did not take L-Glutamine. [8]

    Numerous studies have shown:

    Numerous studies have shown L-Glutamine beneficial impact on the gut lining and one study in particular found that in a group of 107 children, those who supplemented with L-Glutamine had reduced gut permeability after 120 days. By pairing your L-Glutamine supplementation with an anti-inflammatory diet, you can make even faster progress. [9]

    Stimulates your immune system into sending healing cells to a damaged gut lining to promote rapid repair

    Studies show 50% of people with IBS also have a hidden H. Pylori bacterial infection… Taking L-Glutamine will encourage your immune system to send healing cells directly to problem areas in your stomach lining. Once they get there, they’ll start to fight the H. pylori, and L-Glutamine will begin the cellular repair process. [10]

    Suffering from IBS?

    The chronic stress caused by IBS acts like a vacuum, sucking your body dry of L-Glutamine. Add family, work and relationship stress to this equation and it’s likely your body is seriously deficient in L-Glutamine. This creates a vicious circle because your body now has little to know L-Glutamine to fight leaky gut and IBS—causing symptoms to spiral further out of control. [11]

    The science confirms...

    Those with IBS have 38% lower levels of L-Glutamine in their bodies compared to those that do not have IBS. [12]

    Triggers rapid cell regeneration to restore your gut lining (within 30 days or less)

    Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine triggers rapid cell regeneration to restore your gut lining (within 30 days or less). L-Glutamine enables your gut cells (enterocytes) to regenerate at faster levels which seals the tight junctions in the gut and restores gut lining to a healthy state even faster. These repairs are essential for reversing leaky gut, eliminating your symptoms, and reducing your risk of linked chronic conditions. [13]

    Dramatically reduces 'system-wide' inflammation

    Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine dramatically reduces system wide inflammation (inflammatory cytokines cells) and has an alkalising effect throughout the entire body— easing aching joints, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety and an inability to focus or concentrate—reignite your zest for life and pursue your goals with a relentless energy and passion, empowering your to achieve more than the regular person. [14]

    Experiencing mood swings and depression?

    Your gut is your second brain and stores upwards of 79% of your body’s serotonin (the happiness molecule). When your gut is leaking, it’s almost impossible to feel content with your thoughts and feel calm and present in the moment. Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine helps normalise the inflammation linked to depressive and anxious thoughts that hold you back. [15]

    L-Glutamine has long been a ‘diet secret’ of celebrities, fitness models and professional athletes

    L-Glutamine has long been a ‘diet secret’ of celebrities, fitness models and professional athletes because of its little-known ability to reduce (or in some cases—eliminate) both food and sugar cravings. Just 5 grams a day leaves you feeling fuller for longer and cuts uncontrollable cravings—making it easier to stick to your diet. [16]

    Reduces uncontrollable sugar cravings quickly

    Scientific research shows L-Glutamine has a stabilising effect on your blood-sugar levels and creates a ‘glucose equalising effect’ in your body. Say goodbye to those mid-afternoon energy slumps so you can power through ALL of the day with more focus, energy, clarity and zest for life than ever before! [17]

    Get 50x more from every training session

    L-Glutamine increases the hydration levels and cell volume of your muscles so you can exercise longer and harder without feeling as tired, fatigued or burned out. This practically guarantees you get the highest possible results and faster recovery from every training session. [18]

    L-Glutamine works in your body to hunt down and destroy the Firmicutes bacteria

    Overweight people have high concentrations of the weight-gain causing Firmicutes bacteria in their guts. These nasty bacteria extract a higher ratio of calories from your food and cause uncontrollable food cravings—basically making it impossible to lose weight—L-Glutamine works in your body to hunt down and destroy the Firmicutes bacteria and stops your cells from holding onto excess fat that causes middle age spread. [19]

    IN FACT:

    Scientific studies show that after consuming L-Glutamine for 14-days or less, you will experience a 39.4% reduction in weight-gain causing Firmicutes bacteria. [20]


    Scientific studies show that L-Glutamine creates an intense fat burning effect in the body without strict diets, the stress of calorie counting or even following the horrible FODMAP. [21]

    Weight loss becomes easier and more effortless

    L-Glutamine promotes the production of lean body tissue. This puts your body in a continuous fat burning state where weight loss becomes easier and more effortless. [22]


  • Who is Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine For?

    For women with chronic digestive problems such as belly bloating, IBS, gas, foul wind, gut pain and discomfort, acid reflux, food intolerances, chronic allergies, nutrient deficiencies, SIBO, unpleasant bathroom visits, chronic fatigue and constipation.

     For women experiencing uncontrollable food and sugar cravings, unexplained mid-afternoon energy crashes, urges to eat sweet and fatty foods and weird food cravings (like grapefruits) at odd times of the day and even during the night.

    For women who have been diagnosed or suspect they have Leaky Gut and want to put their treatment on "auto-pilot."

    For women who put on weight easily, have extreme difficulty losing weight or who want to enjoy their lives and not have to follow stressful restriction or exclusion diets that interfere with their lifestyles.

    For women who have been battling a "mystery illness" for many years and are wanting a scientific and evidence based way to begin making long-lasting positive health changes.

  • Natural and Ethically Sourced Ingredients

    When we set out to start supplementing with L-Glutamine, we discovered that 99% was from wheat (gluten), animals, GMO corn or shellfish sources. We wanted a pure, non-encapsulated and plant-based form of L-Glutamine that was 100% bioavailable so it would be rapidly absorbed into the gut lining.

    Worse yet, all of the L-Glutamine on the market of it was formulated for bodybuilders and athletes who consume it to help their muscles recover after intense training sessions. So our scientists and expert R&D team went to work and emerged several months later with a rare, plant-based fermented form of L-Glutamine that is truly unique to today’s market.

    L-Glutamine For Leaky Gut, IBS and Digestive Problems

    Mix 5-grams (approximately one scoop) once daily with 200-300ml of water or as directed by you healthcare professional. For best results, we recommend taking Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine 30-45 minutes before or after meals. It should not be mixed with any others fluids or foods except water.

    L-Glutamine For Food and Sugar Cravings

    Mix 5-grams (approximately one scoop) twice daily with 200-300ml of water or as directed by you healthcare professional. For best results, we recommend taking Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine one hour before or after lunch to avoid mid-after glucose crashes and before dinner to avoid weird night time cravings. It should not be mixed with any others fluids or foods except water.


    L-Glutamine For Weight Loss

    Mix 10-grams (approximately two scoops) upon waking with 400-500ml of water or as directed by you healthcare professional. We recommend consuming Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine on an empty stomach upon waking to place your body in a constant fat burning state throughout the day.

    L-Glutamine When Using The Gut Synergy Package

    If you are consuming these products with The Gut Synergy Package, we recommend consuming 5g of Ultra Absorb™ L-Glutamine in 200-300ml of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. We then recommend consuming the 15g (one scoop) of Prebiotic Collagen Protein and 10g (one scoop) of Postbiotic Beauty Reds together with or after breakfast. We then recommend taking 10g (one scoop) of the Probiotic Power Greens after lunch for a gentle and sustained energy kick to power you through the afternoon.